This is the aspect of dentistry that deals with maintenance of the teeth through endodontic therapy involving the soft inner tissue of the teeth, known as the ‘pulp’.


At the first visit, an opening is made into the crown of the carious tooth. The pulp is removed from the pulp chamber and root canals with use of specialised instruments called endodontic files, the canals are then properly cleaned and irrigated. An intracanal medicament is placed and access cavity sealed temporarily.

At the next visit, after eliminating all infection, the root canals are filled with a permanent restorative material and the access opening covered with a permanent crown.

In many cases, a crown is placed on the tooth to preserve its structure.


Deep tooth cavities

Severe dentinal hypersensitivity

Irreparable pulp exposure following tooth fracture

Abscess or fistula in relation to teeth

Tooth discolouration due to pulp necrosis

Intentionally prior to crowns and bridges


Pain relief

No more swelling or symptomatic triggers

No more tooth sensitivity

Gives natural presence of tooth

Preserves bone and occlusion

Protects other tooth from infection and strain