How to Choose a good Toothbrush!

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Buying a toothbrush is something we’ve gotten used to doing, we don’t give it too much thought. However , not all toothbrushes will adequately clean your teeth.

There are 3 things to look out for when buying a new toothbrush;

  • The size of the head of the toothbrush
  • The texture of the bristles
  • The grip of the toothbrush handle

Follow these tips to help you buy a better toothbrush.

  1. A smaller toothbrush head gives you better access to your back teeth, enabling you clean them well.
  2. A medium textured bristle is the safest option to prevent tooth wear.
  3. A friction grip gives you better control when brushing your teeth.

Would you like to talk to us about your dental needs? We would love to help you achieve a healthy smile.

We would be expecting you soon, till then, we hope you would always buy a good toothbrush.

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