When should you change your Toothbrush?

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I once met someone who had been using a toothbrush for 2 whole years. I was shocked! The bristles were so badly worn, it was like brushing with the plastic handle of the Toothbrush. This brings us to a very important question that most people don't really think about or seriously consider.


There are 3 occasions when we suggest and recommend you change your toothbrush;
• When bristles start flaring out (this is the most obvious but for toothbrushes that have hard bristles, the bristles may take a while before they fray) 
• Every 3 months (this is a good timeline to use as your standard)
• After every episode of flu (this is one that many people don't know; harmful viruses may hide in your toothbrush and cause reinfection).
These simple tips will ensure your mouth is healthy and you brush effectively. If you would like to talk to us about your dental needs, click below to schedule your appointment.

We would love to see you and your family soon.

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